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Coconut Oil, Organic Virgin 25Kg Pail
Coconut Oil, Organic Virgin 25Kg Pail
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Coconut Oil, COCONUTTY 100% Organic Virgin 500ml
12.99 9.99

With so many uses and benefits, there are many reasons to buy coconut oil, but whatever your particular reason is, you'll want to make sure that you're getting the right coconut oil.

This is our flagship virgin coconut oil, made from fresh-picked coconuts - perfect for oil-pulling, all culinary and skincare use, both inside and outside of the body. Packed with beneficial fatty acids, including 50% lauric acid (the same fatty acid found in mothers' milk), our organic virgin coconut oil is a snowy-white butter which melts to a crystal clear liquid oil when warm. Each jar contains the fresh-pressed oil of six to seven coconuts which give Coconutty its delicious taste and aroma. No refining is undertaken - the oil is as nature intended. 

Buying Coconut Oil

Coconut oil should first and foremost taste good. It should be pure white, not cream in colour, and when it melts it should be perfectly clear like water, with no colour - this shows the purity. It should taste so good that you can eat it off the spoon if you wish, or add it to your tea or coffee (like the supermodels reportedly do), and use it for oil-pulling. It should spread nicely when at room temperature and it should cook at medium to high heat enhancing the taste of your food. It should blend into smoothies and enrich warm oatmeal breakfasts. To accomplish all this, the coconuts need to come from good trees grown in organic soil, coconuts be picked at the right time and checked individually, pressed within a few hours of being picked, the resulting oil filtered properly, all moisture removed, packed and sealed and used while still fresh.

Remember to keep a jar in the bedroom and bathroom for indulgent massages, moisturising and hair conditioning. The taste is light and sweet with subtle hints of coconut.

 Coconut Oil Uses

Add to smoothies 

 Use to cook, bake fry and roast - replaces all other oils and butters

Add to tea or coffee like the supermodels do

 Eat off the spoon as a delicious supplement


An Exceptional Coconut Oil For All Your Culinary Creations and for Oil-Pulling

Coconutty virgin coconut oil is one of the most stable oils to heat due to its natural plant-based saturate, making it a perfect choice in the kitchen. It's cholesterol free, trans-fats free, unrefined and organic.



Buy Coconut Oil UK - Coconutty Organic

Certified Organic to EU standards
 √No refining, bleaching or chemicals
 √No deodorization
 √Made from traditional coconut palms only, not hybrid
 √Made from fresh coconuts, not the dried "copra" used in cheap oils
 √Made without heat processing


Ethically Traded and Sustainable

Coconuts grow in abundance around tropical coastal areas making the coconut tree one of nature's most naturally sustainable resources. One of Coconutty's purposes is to benefit the social and economic conditions of local coconut workers in the producer regions. After pressing the oil, the coconut's uses have just begun! The coconuts then go on to make coconut flour and coconut milk, while the shell and husk are cycled into rope, mattress fibre, fishing nets, plant pots, charcoal.... nothing goes to waste. From cultivating to harvesting through to the final packing - all come under the motto of sustainability.

Coconut Oil Nutrition

The medium-chain fats in coconut oil are considered so nutritious that they are used in baby formulas, in hospitals to feed the critically ill and those on tube feeding.

Our Best Ever Coconut Oil

Coconutty virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed from hand selected, fresh-picked coconuts which are harvested at the peak of flavour and nutritional value. Packaged in sturdy glass, tamper proof sealed.

Top-Notch Quality

Coconutty virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed from hand selected, fresh-picked coconuts which are harvested at the peak of flavour and nutritional value. The coconuts are grated and the meat (white flesh) is dehydrated. This is then passed through a mechanical press using an expeller to extract the pure oil. This yields the highest possible level of flavour, aroma, and nutritional integrity. The oil is then packaged into sturdy glass jars and tamper proof sealed.

Ingredient: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, unrefined. Best Before: Over 12 months. Store at room temperature.

Typical Fatty Acid Composition:
C 6 Caproic acid 0 – 0.7
C 8 Caprylic acid 4.6 - 10
C 10 Capric acid 5 - 8
C 12 Lauric acid 45.1 – 53.2
C 14 Myristic acid 16.8 - 21
C 16 Palmitic acid 7.5 – 10.2
C 18 Stearic acid 2 - 4
C 18:1 Oleic acid 5 - 10
C 18:2 Linoleic acid 1 – 2.5

Product of the Philippines.

Organic code: DE-OKO-006 AT-BIO-401 Non-EU Agriculture

AUTO-DELIVERY - Have this coconut oil delivered monthly

BUY IN BULK and save! - Click the 'Discounted Add-ons' menu by the price

Best Before - over 12 months +


Discounted Add-ons:

Current Reviews: 2
Customer Review: 

I recieved my order of coconut oil today and just thought id email you to let you know that the quality of the product is superb and i am very pleased with the product. I have tried coconut oil from other retailers and none are of as good a quality as yours. Thank you very much.
Leanda White

"I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your virgin coconut oil my skin feels wonderfull and I cannot wait to use it in cooking" - Lisa

"Thanks for sending the second jar which I received this morning. I keep it out on the top so it's warmer to use as a spread. I cook everything with it and it works really well. " - John

"More of your amazing products please. I'm eating it, wearing it and never felt better. Thank you."  Sue

"Hi Matthew, Thank you so much for your organic coconut oil.  Our 2nd order of 12 jars has just arrived.  My wife and I had tried various brands over the last ten years or so but never, until now, found one that did not make us feel ill with indigestion.  By contrast your oil makes us feel energetic. All good wishes on your business, Christian." - Christian

"Love, love, love this coconut oil!!! The smell is amazing, as a moisturiser you only need to use small amounts and it absorbs quickly into the skin. As a food source, I cannot praise it enough. I love it so much I even eat it off the spoon. Such a delicate taste and even my kids love it! Loved the fact I was able to make a saving with the twin pack and I have a feeling I will be making the same purchase again and again!" - Lynsey


Discounted Add-ons:
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