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Coconut Water - Cocowell PURE 330ml 12-Pack
Coconut Water - Cocowell PURE 330ml 12-Pack
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Fresh Green Coconuts - Box of 12

Fresh young green coconuts are abundant throughout the tropics, but sometimes hard to find here in the UK. There's up to half a litre of fresh coconut water in each young coconut which can be enjoyed through a straw for that 'tropical vacation' feeling. As well as tasting amazing, this clear liquid contains electrolytes, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients and more... Coconut water still in its husk has to be tasted to be believed.

Harvested when they're young and green (before turning brown and developing white meat), green coconuts are a staple throughout the tropical world. What better way to refresh and rehydrate?

To open yours, you'll need a sharp serrated knife and/or a COCO-DRILL . 

If you just want the coconut water without opening the nut, try our 100% pure coconut water.

Important Delivery information: To ensure you receive your delivery promptly, please tell us where the courier could leave the box if you are out by leaving comments in the 'comments' box at checkout, e.g. the house number of a neighbour. Alternatively you can select your place of work as the delivery address.

Dispatched as soon as shipments arrive in, to ensure you receive the freshest available.

Country of Origin: Costa Rica.

Best Before: 7 DAYS. This is a fresh fruit and is best consumed within 7 days of receipt.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place.

Box dimensions: 52 x 42 x 29cm 

Box of 12 £33.99  DISPATCHED WHEN THE NEXT FRESH BATCH ARRIVES (as we do not keep old stock from previous batches, to ensure you receive the freshest available).


Discounted Add-ons:

Fresh Green Coconuts - Box of 12 Fresh Green Coconuts - Box of 12
Customer Review: 
Hi Coconutty Folks,

I have been regularly ordering coconuts from you for the last 2 months and I would like to thank you a lot for your prompt service and the quality of the coconuts.

It is amazing to have fresh green coconuts ordered at your doorstep in the UK !
Dear Coconutty,
I have just received the coconuts.
I am so impressed by the speed of your delivery it is amazing and the coconuts are very sweet.
Thank you and best wishes from
Thanks a lot Folks,
Aishwarya LIyer, Kent
Hello Coconutty people,
Got my coconuts today, and just wanted to say thank you!
I am very happy with them and I have already opened one (couldn't resist)
and it tasted absolutely delicious! Many thanks,
Shani, Braco 
Hi there

I just received a box of jelly nuts from you and I have to say they are incredible! I'm so happy to be able to tap the water fresh and what a difference in taste.
Jessica E, London
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