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*New* Coconut Vinegar 375ml
*New* Coconut Vinegar 375ml
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Soap Bar 100g - Pure Raw Saponified Virgin Coconut Oil

Pure coconut soap. No fragrance. Nothing added. The purest soap you will find - raw virgin coconut oil saponified into bar form. Nothing else - no added oils, no fragrances, no foaming agents, no nothing! This really is the simplest and purest soap of any kind that you will ever find, and it's cold-processed to form a bar that showcases the moisturising properties of virgin coconut oil.

Thick and creamy bubbles are the hallmark of this virgin coconut oil soap bar. Our cold-processed soaps are the result of hand-crafting over generations using virgin coconut oil and natural plant extracts.

This is what soap should be, the way soap used to be before modern-day sticky, perfumed 'detergent bars'.

Handcrafted in small batches, natural Cold Process soap is cured for 6-8 weeks. This means they are available in limited quantities.

Mild enough to use on the face and has a rich velvety foam for washing hair. You will notice that the soap washes off easily and leaves no drying alkali residue after rinsing.

  • Showcases the moisturising properties of virgin coconut oil with a luxurious lather
  • Contain no inert ingredients - enzymes, disinfectants, deodorants, lanolins, perfumes, or anti-bacterial chemicals
  • Each bar is wrapped and sealed for lasting freshness
  • No palm oil
  • 100% vegan

Lauric Acid - The Key Ingredient

Lauric acid has long been recognised for the unique properties it brings to the manufacturing of soaps and cosmetics. Coconut oil is nature's richest single source of lauric acid. A soap is only as good as the oil used for its base. The base of this soap is virgin coconut oil - known to have revitalising properties for the skin - containing antioxidants and phytonutrients. Our virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed and has a very high Lauric Acid content of 50%. This helps to soften the skin, preventing dryness and flaking. Cleanses face and body, leaving no residue just a healthy glow.

Perfect for: Sensitive skin and frequent washers - virgin coconut oil's moisturising qualities means this soap will not dry your skin like other soaps.

  •     Hand made in small batches
  •     Saponified virgin coconut oil, nothing else
  •     Absolutely pure - no artificial colour, fragrance, foamer, preservatives, petroleum or animal products
  •     Soap is natural and the colour may change over time
  •     Volume: 100 g
Once you've discovered this lathery treasure, you'll never be satisfied with a shop-bought bar again.

Experience the difference between washing with a regular 'detergent bar' and a real Virgin Coconut Oil Soap.....



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