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About Us

Promoting the Benefits of the Coconut Tree through its Bountiful Array of Diversity and Expression.

Certified Vegan + Plant-Based + Sustainable + Ethical + Cruelty-Free + Free-From + Palm-Oil Free.

As coconut specialists we strive to supply the best the coconut tree has to offer. With a focus on pure, ethically sourced products, only the best make our catalogue to showcase the coconut tree's bountiful array of diversity and expression.
We believe that nature provides everything needed for a healthy life and that there's why the coconut tree is traditionally referred to as "The Tree Of Life".

Your purchase at Coconutty Ltd. will never contain palm oil, animal or petroleum products. All products are vegan and we're a member of PETA.

Ever since discovering the fruits of the coconut palm tree, we've been totally Coco-nutty! If you're a coconut fan too, we hope you enjoy your journey here.

How it started ...

Back in 2006, having experiencing some amazing results using coconut oil, and then reading published trials and other research, Coconutty’s founder wondered why this wasn't widely known and why the coconut tree wasn't getting the limelight for its life enhancing properties and sheer number of uses.

Times have changed a lot since then.

The coconut tree is a tree of abundance and full of surprises known throughout the tropical world.

With an answer for everything... coconut oil, coconut flour, coconut sugar, coconut soaps and shampoo,.. even coconut wine! All gluten free, vegan and with a surprising amount of nutrition. Perfect replacements for many of the processed foods and chemical cosmetics we're accustomed to.

Coconutty was established to help give coconut the recognition it deserves, to supply and deliver the 'fruits' of the coconut tree, while at the same time benefiting the growers, families and areas that rely on local coconut farming for their livelihood. Coconut farming plays a key role in helping communities in poorer tropical regions such as the Philippines, Costa Rica and Indonesia where our products are grown and harvested.

Our Company:

Coconutty began trading in 2007 and became a limited company in 2010 reg. 7435343. We have so far served over 10,000 customers both online and at shows as well as health shops, wholesalers and trade clients.

We love talking to people at vegan and well-being shows and over the years there's been a huge renaissance in coconut interest. (We used to get puzzled looks for promoting coconut back in the day when anything coconut was generally thought of as 'unhealthy'.) How times have changed as these days it seems everyone knows about the nutritional and topical benefits of the coconut.

All products are dispatched from our West Yorkshire warehouse. We don't use third party vendors or dropshippers, your parcel comes direct from us.

If you have a query please email us at

Coconutty Ltd. Registered company England & Wales: 7435343

As our company is built on repeat business, you can be assured that if this is your first time ordering we will make sure you are so impressed with our products and service that you'll be back for more.