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Coconutty Ltd. supplies the highest quality wholesale coconut products in bulk throughout the UK: Virgin coconut oil, coconut palm sugar, coconut flour and outstanding quality soaps, all available for quick delivery.

VIRGIN COCONUT OIL IN BULK 10L and 20L pails (makes approx 20 or 40 jars of 500ml) directly from our store available here

COCONUT SUGAR IN BULK 25kg BOX - we supply bulk coconut sugar to chocolate makers and other food manufacturers. It is even used in cosmetics. Buy direct from our store available here

COCONUT OIL JARS 500ML, highest quality Philippine sourced virgin coconut oil all ready in unlabelled jars ready for your own label. MOQ just 12 units - please order the 12 pack and when you check out please write in the comments box "Unlabelled" to receive the unlabelled version.

All coconut oil and coconut sugar is not the same - we have tried and tested them all so you don't have to. If you want to try our coconut oil or sugar first, please buy one consumer sized unit from our website (e.g. 500ml jar) and we will happily refund that against a future trade order.

SOAP - Handmade cold-processed soap made from fresh-picked coconuts - Stand out from the crowd by offering virgin coconut oil based soaps instead of the typical cheap refined coconut oil found in 99% of other soaps. You and your customers will notice the difference. A superior soap with rich foaming and lather, giving you a USP that sets you apart. Coconutty supplies cold-processed soap bars and shampoo bars which are palm oil free, vegan, in plastic-free compostable wraps ready for your own label. Our wholesale pack prices allow you to make a worthwhile margin. See below or Click here to view Coconutty soap packs.

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Thank you for your interest in our wholesale and bulk coconut products.

Coconut Oil, Organic Virgin Bulk 10 Litre Pail


IN STOCK. Wholesale Bulk Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 10 Litre for resellers, bottlers, food-service, manufacturers, skin-care, etc. with a saving of 50% over jars. More info.



Coconut Palm Sugar - 25Kg Bulk


Our bulk Coconut Palm Sugar has a delicious sweet taste with notes of caramel. This whole food ingredient inherently contains twice the iron, four times the magnesium and over ten times the zinc of brown cane sugar.

Wholesale Pack of 50 Saponified Virgin Coconut Oil Soap Bars 100g


IN STOCK. Pure saponified virgin coconut oil soap bulk pack of 50 in zero waste compostable wraps. The simplest and purest soap you will ever find - Cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil saponified into bar form for gentle deep cleansing and a rich foam. More info.

Wholesale Pack of 50 Charcoal & Tea Tree Soap Bars 100g


IN STOCK. Pack of 50 Charcoal cold-processed soap bars for trade / wholesale / in zero waste compostable wraps. Available with or without Coconutty label. Suitable for frequent washing due to the moisturisation of the Virgin Coconut Oil. With essential oils of Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil. More info.

Bulk Wholesale Coconut Ingredients

Buy in bulk and save on economies of scale. Wholesale and trade supplies of bulk coconut oil, coconut sugar and coconut soaps. Free UK Delivery. Fast Dispatch.